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Grateful Thankful Blessed

Did you know there is a growing body of research that suggests regular gratitude practice can improve your mental wellbeing? Gratitude encourages you to be happier, feel more zest for life, stress less, sleep better, and may even boost your immune system.

So, what are you grateful for during these times? Here are what some of the Summit family shared…

Ren Renshaw, National Logistics Manager

The word gratitude means to be thankful and grateful for what you have. I am so lucky to have a loving family, roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in, food in pantry and cold beers in the fridge.

This is all possible because I have a job. Thankfully, during this difficult (pandemic) time, I can still perform my role while practising social distancing. So, I would like to express my gratitude by saying “Thank-you” to Summit. Not only for giving me the ability to work from home, but for the great bunch of people I get to share this opportunity with.


Marlene Lombard, Melbourne HQ

I am grateful that I have special people in my life. To the Summit (Pravaz) family thank you for the warmth and kindness you have shown during part of my 9+ years.

A Special Message

We are delighted to acknowledge Marlene’s 9+ years of valuable tenure with Summit Innovations and are happy to have her back from long service leave.

Lynn Walsh, Melbourne HQ

In these difficult times of COVID-19, I am grateful for being safe, well and having my family close to me. As well as being one of the lucky ones who has continued employment. I am enjoying quality time at home and walks outdoors whenever possible.

Thankfully, home schooling has been rather easy as Alyssa has set herself up via google class. I have not needed to assist in anyway, she has adapted well and did such a good job, her teacher used her work as sample to upload for other students with teething problems.

I have the option to work at home, but I prefer being at the office supporting the essential skeleton staff.

Andre & Evelyn

We are grateful to have celebrated our 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary last Saturday night.

We had always planned to have our 25th wedding anniversary in France with the family; however, that was all cancelled due to Covid-19, so we decided to celebrate our achievement in style, home alone with a selfie-photo to prove it!

We dressed up in silver, Andre did a great job of setting the table. We had soft cheese and crusty bread for the entrée. That was followed by delicious slow cooked beef cheeks in red wine with veggies for dinner and a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert – just perfect. It was delicious and we had the leftovers for Sunday night too (without the fancy table setting)!