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Nick & Chloe

Join us in congratulating Nick and Chloe on their engagement!

Many of our Vic/Tas QSR’s know Nick well.  He and Andrew are always given a warm welcome when they arrive to service and/or install our world leading, high tech Drive Thru solutions throughout Victoria and Tassie.

Whilst the wedding isn’t planned to be until March 2022, they will have plenty of time to celebrate and prepare for a very special and heartfelt event.

Daiman & Minu

Daiman and Minu are celebrating their wedding in style. Not only do they look like royalty in their traditional wedding outfits, but their wedding car is a fine vintage Packard.

The photographer took this stunning photo in among the hills outside of Canberra. Imagine if they had visited one of our QSR’s drive thru’s?

Everyone at Summit Innovations wishes Daiman and Minu good health and enduring joy as they begin their new journey together.


A big happy birthday to our Summit family who have recently celebrated another rotation around the sun! As a new chapter begins in your life, we wish you all the happiness you could have ever hoped to have.


Kim Trundle                  5 August

Andrew Templeton     5 August

Pita Te Aonui                14 August


Allison Lacy                  6 Sept

Richard Tidmarsh        23 Sept