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International Insights

Summit Customer World Tour

This is the second in a series of articles looking at our international business and customers. In this article we will take trip continue our virtual round the world finding out just where in the world Summit has customers and resellers.

Masked up and sanitized we can depart the previous stop on our world tour the UAE, where since the first segment of our travels, we are going live with the pilot and a potential 140 store opportunity in the next 2 weeks.

Heading firstly to South Africa where we are installed in the BK restaurants (Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban in the main). We then turn northeast which takes us to 2 of the more bizarre locations to have installed timers – KFC Kenya and Rwanda – both of which who have only just opened drive thrus, but Summit and G5 are the new standard. Some of the team in the Melbourne office might remember Husein who spent a week in training with Simon a few months back – he will be leading the technical effort for our Reseller Mustek Africa as we continue to grow our footprint on the African continent.

Continuing North over Africa and across Europe, whilst not installed we received notification this week that we will be installing our first timers in Italy, with dialogue ongoing in many other European countries including Slovakia and Austria.

Next we arrive in the UK, where our reseller Quail – who manufacture their own headset system (a sample of their new generation product of which we are expecting for testing downunder soon) – have done a great job in getting us into a number of brands. These include KFC where we are in the early stages of a replacement of circa 400 timers for KFC; Starbucks, Taco Bell, Greggs and Costa Coffee – a UK multinational coffee chain bigger than Starbucks in the UK with operations also across the EMEA region. One of the timers has also snuck across the border to Scotland and is installed in a Taco Bell there.

Leaving the UK, we continue our journey west, and travel over many KFC restaurants in Canada In Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, the French (only) speaking Quebec, and into Toronto where the KFC Corporate office for Canada is located – as well as the largest KFC franchisee Soul Foods. Our reseller, Quick Service Technology (now a division of Panasonic) are based an hour around the lake from Toronto, 10 minutes drive from Niagara Falls and the US border. We are currently in the midst of a major roll out in Canada with 180 restaurants being installed across a number of franchisee organisations, but we are now also the only recommended/supported solution for KFC Canada also and well on the way to the conversion of 300 drive thrus replacing all of the HME equipment. Our Canadian roll out will see us installed Coast to Coast and from North to South – so with timers operating in some very extreme conditions, hopefully the only freezing will be the temperatures and not the timers.  Going out on call in -30C in winter is no fun – the heated seat warmers can never work fast enough in those conditions!!

We will pause our tour here with the next installment being a tour of the US and the diversity of customers serviced in that market.