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R&D Update by Rob Oakley

There are several projects under development in the R&D department, as well as an expansion of the team.

First up, the Projects…

Summit is about to release a new and improved loop detector the SSBv2 (Summit Service Board). The SSBv2 comes packed with new features, including enhanced detection capability, dual VOX circuits for timing greet, can receive input information directly from switched sensors such as IR beams / Sonar detectors and can drive two external devices controlled by the Summit Software.

The Summit team is also working on a new video expansion board to drive up to six additional screens. This can be done through Cat 5/6 cabling rather than the traditional VGA cables, thus reducing install costs and increasing the transmission distance from system to screen.

Summit ORB-IT is also being enhanced with Radar technology which adds to the pre-existing video object recognition technology to provide the first dual sensing edge device IOT detection sensor. Testing of this new enhancement will begin very shortly.

Now, let’s talk about the Expansion of the Team…

The R&D software team has expanded internationally. This will allow Summit to meet the demand of the ongoing creation of new customer features and moving into the world of IOT edge devices.

The new team members are trained in the latest software coding languages and will assist the Australian software team in bringing the team cutting edge Drivethru solutions.