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Sharing Is Caring

Doctor Frenchie Says “Stay Safe”

When times in lockdown get tough, we suggest taking a look at this cutie sent to us by a Doctor friend Evelyn’s.  As if French Bulldogs aren’t adorable enough, the way this guy wears that mask and hairnet brings an even bigger smile to our faces!

Nathaniel & Mel

On these cold winter mornings, it can be hard to get out of bed to start the day. Nathaniel and Mel’s beautiful baby boy Roman looks cozy, well fed and ready for another sleep! He also looks very cute in Nathaniel’s work beanie!

Evelyn & André

The Pravaz Grand-doggies – Banksy on the left and Scout on the right – are taking this “sharing is caring” segment to the next level, seen here to be literally sharing the stick whilst out on a walk.  Of course, the caring didn’t last long before it became a full blown tug-of-war!

Sandra Allshouse (USA Team)

Introducing Sandra Allshouse (but she prefers to be called Sandi) from our team in the USA. Sandi is married with two amazing kids – Brennan (13) and Teagan (11) – and in her spare time she likes doing crafts, gardening, cooking, and remodeling the house they just bought. Sandi is fairly new to the team and is excited about her new position with Summit Innovations and get to know all of her co-workers!

Tamaryn Hurly

We’re excited for you to e-meet our behind-the-scenes marketing wiz, Tamaryn.  As part of boutique marketing agency Brilliant Logic, Tam’s role is to make Summit look good across all our communications – including socials, EDMs and the website. When not working her magic in the office, Tam can be found contemplating going for a run (but never doing it) and hiding in the closet eating chocolate so she doesn’t have to share with her husband or three children!


Thanks to Belinda who sent us through this shot of her ‘working from home’ setup – complete with Kippy the Summit Roo!  If you’re working from home, we’d love to see your workstation too, for inclusion in the next newsletter.