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Staying Safe, Healthy and Well

Simon O’Brien is in charge of OH&S and following is an excerpt of an email which he sent out this week.

In case you haven’t read it… please do so… we must ensure that we keep you and our extended communities protected.

As much as it is an annoyance, please always ensure we have masks on whilst in the office (eating, drinking etc. obviously removed – please refer to a note below regarding this).

Field Techs…

Please ensure you are always distancing from others whilst in the office.  I have noticed some times people sitting and working to close to others whilst in these areas so please review this and find other areas to sit and work, both in the office and in the warehouse. If you have paperwork etc. to do, please use the empty areas upstairs – there are plenty of spare offices to use (suggest pinching Andre’s … lol)

If working (helping out) in the warehouse, please seek to distance from each other as much as practical at all times.

Admin Ladies…

If we have visits from authorities, please ensure we carry out standard testing procedures at the door prior to their entry, they will most likely have masks and gloves on anyway, so ensure we still require temperature tests please.


A recent statement from authorities suggests that the (seem to be common practice) of simply pulling down the mask to below the chin, whilst eating, drinking smoking etc. is not recommended, if there is any possibility of contact and this is on your chin, throat etc. all you are potentially doing is covering the inside of the mask and then pulling this back over your nose/mouth, as such they highly recommend completely removing the mask (being careful not to touch the inside) and then putting it back on afterwards.