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R&D Update by Rob Oakley

What is the CVB2 prototype?

COD Video Board Mk2 our newly finished design that controls an extended number of screens from the Summit timer. The new CVB2 design was handed over to a board manufacturer two weeks ago, ready for the first prototype to be built.

This new piece of Summit technology will be able to link to either 6 UTP (unshielded twisted pairs, also known as CAT5), or 4 UTP and 2 HDMI controlled screens from one USB3 port on the ITX PC. What this means is that you can have as many screens as needed to cover all viewing angles in any store.

We’re excited for testing of this new design to begin in December 2020.


Spring is in the air

Since Rob moved to Tasmania for his tree-change, everyone in Melbourne misses his fresh flowers and his enthusiasm for all things environmentally friendly and fresh!  Here’s Rob’s lifestyle update:

Down on the farm the weather is starting to warm up, the buds are starting to swell on the fruit trees and the bees are becoming more active every day. Over the past few weeks new life has come to the farm.

We have 5 beehives to tend, three calves and numerous lambs playing in the fields, and a new farm hand – “Blu” (a gorgeous Collie x Coolie). Still a pup at 10 weeks, he is learning the ways of the farm and he looks like he is enjoying it.  Already a bit of a hit with the local farmers who can’t wait until he can bring in the sheep so they don’t have to.

The orchard is starting to wake up and I am getting a little behind in my farm management plan for the trees – there’s still lots of pruning to do. The food production garden covers about 350 sq meters, and we should grow enough food this year to feed ourselves with extra to sell at the farm gate.