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Sharing Is Caring

Rex Gets Tricky

Evelyn shared this video of Rex the ‘Quick Service Cat” getting up to some tricky little stunts in this video.

El Jannah Grand Opening

El Jannah at Smithfield, NSW, recently opened their doors and drive-thrus, which feature our height bars and awnings.  We’re so proud to be expanding our range from only technology into total drive-thru solutions.

Microsoft 365 Migration

We are very excited to announce that we have (finally) completed the migration of our email system to Microsoft 365.  This change allows us to provide our Australian and international teams with a more stable mail system, essentially giving us one less thing to worry about.

Spring Has Sprung

As the days warm up, wildlife is becoming more abundant. This sulfur-crested cockatoo stopped by Evelyn and André’s balcony a few weeks ago. Whilst they don’t feed or encourage the birds, the beautiful creatures seem to be very comfortable with having their photos taken.

BYO Masks

Evelyn is setting the example and looking super stylish with her new floral reusable face-mask … you could even say she’s mask-erading around the house!