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R&D Update by Rob Oakley

The Final Stretch

The R&D department has been very busy preparing and finalizing the final stages for the release of SSBv2, the new Summit inductive loop sensor board. Some of the activates the team has been up to include compliance testing for the US market, completing the new build design for the SMT drive-thru timer, discussing the new project with the manufacture, and testing the newly arrived boards.

Last week we held 3 training sessions to cover the international technical team and the local national team, all are now armed with the knowledge to roll out, install and support a great new Summit product.

I want to thank all that have been involved over the past 2 years in preparation in getting this project off the ground and into reality.

Beautiful Blossom

Speaking of new, spring is now settled in and that means the cycle of awakening has again begun.

The Cherry trees on the farm are in full flower and the orchard is buzzing with excitement…. and the bees literally.

The start of the season and around many parts of Australia are feeling the effects of the weather cycle known as La Nina (the little girl in Spanish). This is usually a time where above average rainfall is received especially on the East Coast of Australia.

Down at the farm we have received our fair share, at one point we had 100mm in 24hrs, and with that came the biggest spring flood I have so far encountered.

So if it’s wet where you are… stay in the car, with over 90% of drive-thrus in Australia with a Summit product you’re sure to get in and out of your local QSR restaurant in a jiffy and keep you dry.