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Latin America: Hi from Yasmin Alvarenga, Honduras

It’s been 7 fabulous years working with Summit Innovations – and simply by coincidence, they have also been some of the best business years we’ve done overseas.

The countries in Latin America come from the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America, and they are mostly Spanish speaking.

We have lots of stories and experience opening businesses in several countries including Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Bahamas and Aruba. Each country has its own culture, and very different types of people, companies, economic and politic structures.

This is BK1 in Honduras, the first timer installed overseas in Latin America.

Being based in a country like Honduras – in the middle of the world – has been a great experience since the very first moment.  If you look below, that’s where Honduras is!

And some of the incredible experiences we’ve had are international trade shows where we have been in contact with many different QSR brands, allowing us the opportunity to gain exposure for our systems, their functionality, and how operations and service can be improved with the use of our timers.

Businesses using Summit Innovations’ drive-thru technology can see the improvements on their service quality and speed of service.

For example, KFC Dominican Republic and KFC Nassau, Bahamas.

Both these companies have been running with our systems, and results have been great. Staff get excited with the timer and results, especially when competing again each other’s teams using Live Dynamic Ranking.

Summit Innovations is a great company to work for.  The products are excellent, the service is outstanding, and they have the best professional staff who are fun and a great work-family!

I continue to learn every day – from our customers, my team-mates and friends. When facing challenges like this pandemic, it’s important to enforce the role that drive-thru plays in QSR business around the world.

We will continue looking for new business opportunities, knowing that Summit Innovations will continue its worldwide growth.