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Love is in the air at Summit Innovations this Valentine’s Day

What do you look for in the perfect Valentine? Creativity? Clear communication? Reliability? The list of potential traits that make up the perfect Valentine is long and subjective.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, the team at Summit Innovations decided to look at a few of the characteristics that make the perfect Valentine and why our products and services are the perfect match for your QSR.


We all appreciate a partner who puts time and effort into coming up with new ideas and researching new experiences, to help keep a relationship fresh and interesting. Summit Innovations’ dedicated Research & Development team are leading the way in QSR technology to ensure we are providing the highest level of creativity and innovation to QSRs. With a consistent investment in innovation, all our ideas are conceived and designed right here in Australia.

Clear Communication

The ability to communicate clearly is certainly fundamental to any relationship. Clear communication ensures that you stay connected and your needs get met. It’s no different in the QSR environment. Summit Innovations’ G5 Drive-Thru Headset delivers unmatched sound quality so your QSR team can deliver a great drive-thru experience, meeting the needs and wants of your drive through customers efficiently and effectively.


Isn’t it nice in a relationship when someone says they’ll do something and then they do it? When you have expectations and they get met, or even exceeded? It is nice! And of course, the same also applies to the drive-thru experience. Summit Innovation’s Ultimate Drive-Thru Timing System combines all our leading technologies to deliver a comprehensive drive-thru management and reporting system. This technology enables QSRs to deliver service that reliably meets their customers’ expectations – the basis of every good relationship!

If your QSR is looking for a happily-ever-after this Valentine’s Day, get in touch with the friendly team at Summit Innovations. Creativity, clear communication, and reliability – what’s not to love!