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Complete drive-thru solutions

Our lives are busier than ever before. We are constantly seeking quick and efficient ways to make our lives easier which has led convenience to become a major factor in our decision-making process.

These changes in lifestyle and mindset have seen the drive-thru, and the QSR operation in general, undergo a huge transformation in the past decade. The dramatic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns and social distancing over the past two years have intensified the rate of transformation for QSRs even further.

In such a fast-changing, competitive environment, drive-thru service is now more important than ever. QSR owners simply cannot afford to have a slow drive-thru.

Every second saved at the drive-thru is worth 1-2 extra transactions per day and creates happy, return customers in the long term.

Complete drive-thru solutions

The rise of multi-lane drive-thrus, dedicated pre-order lanes and even entire restaurants offering drive-thru only services is an indication of how QSR brands are investing in the drive-thru and its ongoing growth as an important profit stream.

This increased complexity, however, brings with it increased customer expectations and the need for impeccable technology solutions that enable smooth delivery.

When visiting the drive-thru, customers expect a quick and seamless service experience.

With customers prioritising speed of service and convenience, investing in the right technology is more important than ever. Summit Innovations develop world-leading drive-thru timing and management solutions, delivering unparalleled operational efficiencies.

We take a look at three important components of drive-thru technology below.

Drive-thru timing systems

Visibility of drive-thru performance is key in understanding bottlenecks, staying on top of service times and identifying areas for improvement.

The Summit Innovations Drive-Thru Timing System delivers real-time information to staff inside the store via easy-to-understand colour-coded screens, graphics and audible alerts. This information allows shift managers to instantly change a workflow based on the real-time data and react to any situations where a customer may be impacted by a delay.

Find out more about the Summit Drive-Thru Timing System here.

Headset communications system

Communication is crucial to a successfully functioning drive-thru. Order accuracy can be thwarted by poor headset and speaker quality resulting in frustration for both the customer and crew member. Asking a customer to repeat an order, or worse, mishearing an order and giving the wrong product to a customer, can not only hold up the drive-thru but leave the customer with a negative experience.

The G5 Drive-Thru Headset delivers speed, accuracy and clarity – offering unmatched sound quality with reliability and ease of use. The system features echo and noise reduction capabilities, intelligent smart battery technology, modular design for fast in-store repairs and easy adjustment for the perfect fit.

Find out more about the G5 Drive-Thru Headset here.

Cloud-based reporting

Reporting solutions have become increasingly important for owner-operators to keep track of their store’s drive-thru performance in real-time.

Summit Panorama captures live data from each timer and then presents it either at a restaurant, area or national level. Data is available through user-friendly dashboards and customised reports. This enables you to track important events and milestones and sends you alerts on any issues which may be affecting your store’s operations in real time.

Find out more about Summit Panorama Reporting here.

In conclusion

Providing a positive service experience that is consistent time and time again is difficult for even the most efficient drive-thru operations. Return customers grow to expect a particular standard from a QSR and even a handful of instances in which service speed is below average can result in a dissatisfied customer.

The current drive-thru transformation owes much to technology providing answers to problems that kept the service idling for decades. Proudly Australian owned and operated, Summit Innovations’ services the biggest QSRs all over the world. We would be delighted to help maximise the profitability and performance of your drive-thru.

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