As the end-of-year busy season approaches

Taking Care of Drive-thru Maintenance in QSRs

As the end-of-year busy season approaches, with a spike in customers during the school and festive holiday season, it’s crucial that your quick-service restaurant (QSR) runs like a well-oiled machine—especially your drive-thru. When your drive-thru technology stalls, the ripple effect goes beyond the tech itself. It’s about downtime, disruption and dreaded impact on your operation’s flow.

When there’s a snag in the system, the cost spans beyond monetary terms – it impacts valuable time lost, the revenue that could have been and the customer satisfaction that’s at the core of your business. When convenience is king, any hiccup that slows down your service could send your customers to the competitor down the street.

The consequences extend beyond the urgent, visible breakdowns. Even the smallest technical glitch can accumulate silently, escalating stress for your team as they juggle customer interactions with uncooperative tech. This not only strains your operations but can potentially dent your staff’s morale and your QSR’s reputation for quick and reliable service.

As we gear up for the busiest time of the year in the QSR industry, there’s no better moment to proactively check the pulse of your drive-thru technology. Summit Innovations is rolling out the System Health Check Program to our Australian partners and customers, aiming to ensure your tech is not a point of stress but a streamlined tool for success.

With the new System Health Check Program, a skilled technician will carry out regular visits to your location, ensuring your systems are performing at their peak. It’s not just about avoiding the unexpected costs of repairs but eliminating downtime and maintaining a seamless operation that keeps your customers coming back for the convenience they love and expect.

As we near the festive season, remember that preventive care for your drive-thru tech isn’t just a maintenance routine—it’s an investment in uninterrupted service, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, your QSR’s end-of-year performance.

The Summit Innovations System Health Check Program includes,

  • Verification of timer software settings
  • Checking of cabling joins and terminations – basic consumables will be used for minor repairs if needed
  • Measure detection loop induction levels and health
  • Checking of each headset for faults and operation. New set of foam ear pads and box of disposable covers will be provided
  • Review of headset volume levels
  • Checking for remote support connection
  • Refresher training for all staff, if required
  • Review of Summit Panorama reporting operation
  • New PAR G5 batteries and carriers will be available to purchase from the technician
  • New headset repair service box will be provided to the store for convenient shipping to our workshop as required
  • A documented report with photos and notes provided post visit.

Customers who sign up to a three-year subscription benefit from heavily discounted per-visit prices starting at just $450 per visit for a single lane store and $550 per visit for a dual lane store. The three-year subscription includes two site visits per year.
One-off health check visits are also available from $595 for a single-lane store and $695 for a double-lane store.
Want to couple this service with CCTV maintenance? Speak with our team about your requirements, and we will create a bundle plan to suit your needs.

Contact our team now on 1300 478 664 or send an enquiry.

Please note, the above pricing is exclusive of GST and is applicable to metro stores only. Additional travel charges may apply for stores outside metro areas. Should unexpected repairs be required, charges for further time and material may apply. Approval will be sought prior to undertaking the works.

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