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If you are experiencing issues with your Summit Innovations products or services, please try some of these troubleshooting solutions for common issues. Alternatively, please submit a support request regarding any issues you are experiencing via our support portal.

Driveway Loops

  • What is a loop?
    A loop is a series of cabling that is placed under the concrete and in front of service points (e.g. order, cash, pick-up). The loops serve as a metal detector and is the key component in making the timer work and tracking events associated with each vehicle.

Ranking Screen

Timing Screen

  • Why does my timer screen still show the previous night’s data?
    The info from the previous day will reset once your first car has been completed for the day.
  • Why has my timer screen reset to zero?
    At the end of each daypart, your timer screen will reset and re-commence on the new daypart. For example, at 11am/2pm/5pm.
  • Why are cars randomly disappearing from the timer screen?
    A car is activated by the loop which is under the ground in the driveway. A car can disappear for many reasons, such as loop sensitivity being too high or low, a car leaving the driveway after crossing only one loop (e.g. if there is an escape route by chance). If this is occurring too frequently without an explanation to that particular event, please submit a support ticket to Summit Innovations for further investigation.
  • Why are cars are not being detected at the order point?
    The vehicle type could be too high to pick up the loop induction – this can occur with very high 4WDs, or a motorcycle may not trigger the loop. If this is happening frequently without explanation Summit can adjust and test the sensitivity of the loops. Please submit a support ticket if this is of frequent occurrence.
  • What is a ghost car?
    A ghost car is a car that has appeared on your timer screen but doesn’t exist.
  • Why are there ghost cars appearing on the timer screen?

    Essentially, one of the driveway loops have been triggered. This could be caused by a car entering the drive-thru then reversing out or the loop itself may require an adjustment. A car that appears to be stuck on your timer screen (ghost car) will delete itself after 10 minutes and will not affect your results.If ghost cars appear too frequently, please provide a working log on the following and submit a ticket:

    • Where the ghost car is appearing (i.e. between which two points)
    • What time of the day the issue is occurring (i.e. throughout the day or only during rush hours)
    • What type of cars are creating ghost car issues (i.e. small cars, four-wheel drives or cars with trailers)
  • Why is there only one car in my drive-thru lane but two on the timer screen?
    Double triggers can occur on a loop. Examples of this might be a vehicle towing a trailer, or a car that drives across a loop and then reverses back onto it (e.g. they forgot to stop at the order point).
  • Why are the timer and ranking screens black?
    Check power (monitors and GPO). If power is on and there appears to be no other explanation then please submit a support ticket for investigation.
  • What do I do if my timer screen has not updated with daylight saving time?
    Please submit a support ticket for a technician to adjust.
  • Can I change the service goals?
    Unfortunately, Summit is unable to change service goals. They are pre-determined by your brand. Please speak to your brand consultant to discuss, otherwise Summit can assist in operational training to improve results.
  • What do I do if the timer screen has reset and there is no timer screen visible?
    If the timer screen is not visible and is displaying desktop screen or Summit logo, your SQSRM software is not loading. Please contact the Summit Help Desk.

Audio Alerts

  • The timer audio alerts are too low/too high, can I adjust these?
    Yes, the volume can be adjusted should they be too high or low. It is completed through the timer PC so you will need to submit a support ticket for a technician to adjust.
  • Can I change when the audio alerts sound?
    Yes, you can. Please speak to your brand Area Manager/Field Consultant for approval then we can adjust.
  • What do I do if there are no timer alert tones?

    Please check if both alerts are working:

    • Alert when car entering drive thru
    • Alert when car goes over the target time

    If one alert is working and other is not, this could be a programming issue or loop detection issue, please contact the Help Desk. If both alerts are not working, this could be a hardware issue which requires site assistance.

COD / Speaker Post

Store Reports

  • How do I access reports in the store?

    If you pay a subscription, you have access to Summit Panorama in your store at summitpanorama.com.

    If you have not received your login credentials please submit a query through support.summitqsr.com/summit-panorama.

    The previous version of store reports is also accessible through a link that the Summit Technician installed on your store office PC.

  • I can login to the web page but no data is displayed, what do I do?
    Please press Shift + F5 and try to re-login.
  • Can I get remote access to reports on my phone?

    Yes, you can. Summit Panorama is accessible to remote users through a different login than is provided to the stores and we are pleased to offer above store and head office reports through Summit Panorama also giving a consolidated and aggregated view of a group of stores.

    Summit Panorama is a licenced product with business intelligence reporting. Please speak to Summit Sales to get more information.

    Our previous remote reporting technology is still available but please be mindful that access to this platform is limited to some users only based on brand network and security infrastructures.

  • Can I get notifications if my store or group of stores meet a service goal I have set for them?
    Yes, of course. Summit Panorama provides a user with the ability to set up push notifications in real time. This feature is available in the Multi-View licence.
  • Can I get instant notifications sent to me if a store does not meet a specific goal?
    Yes, of course. Summit Panorama provides a user with the ability to set up push notifications in real time. This feature is available in the Multi-View licence and higher.
  • How do I get automated reports emailed to me daily and weekly?
    Within Summit Panorama are reports which are displayed on dashboards but can also be scheduled to be emailed to a user’s inbox, you dictate the rules regarding frequency and parameters.
    Available for users that hold a Multi-View or a Multi-View Analyst licence.
  • Can I create my own reports and dashboards?
    The premium licence in Summit Panorama is called the Multi-View Analyst user. Here you have the ability to create your own reports using the Business Intelligence report builder. You can set up schedules, notifications with your own reports as well as having access to the standard reports already displayed in the dashboards.
  • What is an ‘Idle Deletion’?
    An idle deletion of a car occurs when a car has not reached a secondary driveway loop. For example, when a car orders and drives off the order loop the expectation of the timing system is that this car will arrive at the next service point (triggering that loop) within a certain time frame. Failure to do so, will delete the car off the system.
  • Why do my reports indicate that no car data has been recorded?
    Generally, a network issue may have caused this. The loops trigger the car, which flows to the timer, which flows to the reports. If there is no data coming through, checking the network is the first step. The car data is not lost, we can re-load back into the reporting portal once the network has been re-established. The only reason it may not would be a loop error.
    Submit a support request so a technician can determine the cause.


  • What do I do if the headset battery charger is not charging?

    Gently blow on the connectors of the battery and the charger to remove any dust particles or debris. Try a different charging socket. If all sockets have failed check power, or try plugging into a different GPO.

    Solution may either be a new charger or a new power supply which can be purchased separately for some chargers. Contact Summit through a support ticket first and they will be able to determine what you need after troubleshooting the above.

  • What do I do if customers can’t hear the order taker at all?

    Adjust the volume higher in the base station. You can do this by downloading the relevant headset manual in the links shared above.

    If this does not improve the audio quality please call Summit on 1300 478 664 to speak to a technician

  • What do I do if the order taker can’t hear the customer at all?

    Adjust the volume higher in the base station. You can do this by downloading the relevant headset manual in the links shared above.

    If this does not improve the audio quality please call Summit on 1300 478 664 to speak to a technician.

  • How do I change the time for daylight saving on headsets?
    You can do this yourself in the headset base station. Download the relevant headset manual in the links shared above and follow the steps regarding changing the time.
  • How do I remove the battery from the 3M G5 headset?

    To remove the G5 battery, place your fingernail between the opening of the battery and control pod. Then place your thumb between tab and the LED indicator. Using a simultaneous motion, pinch and pull the G5 battery out.

    Now, insert the G5 battery into the 3m G5 charging station, the LED on the battery will start flashing indicating it is now charging. Each LED on the G5 battery indicates 25% of charge, when all LEDS are lit steady green, the battery is fully charged. To watch a video on how to properly remove and charge the battery, click here.