360IQ Intelligent Video

360IQ Intelligent video

360IQ is a comprehensive video solution tailored for your restaurant, convenience store or retail business.​

Combining intelligent video technology with advanced analytics and customised services, it serves as a valuable asset for managing your business effectively. With over 45,000 satisfied customers benefiting daily, this unique blend of services sets 360IQ apart.

Our video surveillance and loss prevention solutions empower you to oversee crucial aspects of your business from any location, using any device, at all times. Through the assessment of metrics uniquely measurable via video, we assist business owners in revenue improvement, cost reduction and compliance/risk management. For multi-unit operators, 360IQ enables remote management of complex operations.

360IQ takes a proactive approach, alerting you to store performance issues and facilitating the identification of both the root cause and viable solutions. By delving into the realm of human-partnered AI capabilities, explore a world of possibilities with Summit Innovations.

360IQ key features


Access and store video in the cloud


Centralised access, control and reporting for all your CCTV in one place


Audits & mystery shopper

Live health monitoring of your CCTV assets
POS integration
Actionable reports with video clips

Contact the Summit Innovations team to discover more about the unique features of the AuditIQ™ system.

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