Drive-thru Customer Order Displays


Summit’s Drive-thru Custom Order Display doesn’t just display orders in the drive-thru, it actively drives sales. Through subliminal marketing and strategic upsell suggestions, your customers will be gently nudged towards adding complementary items to their orders, increasing your average order value and bottom line.

The system integrates seamlessly with the Summit Drive-thru Timing System, providing excellent content control, remote serviceability and even the ability to change language and images remotely.

Designed to withstand diverse climates, the Summit Drive-thru Customer Order Display operates flawlessly in extreme temperatures, ensuring uninterrupted service for your customers. The system includes both the microphone and speaker to allow communications with customers.

The Summit Drive-thru Customer Order Display incorporates the following innovative features:

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Customer-friendly visual display​

Showcases orders, prices, graphics and upsell opportunities.


Bright TFT screen technology​

Delivers exceptional clarity and readability, even in harsh lighting.

Font size

Large font size​

Improves visibility and reduces ordering errors.

multi lingual


Caters to a diverse customer base.

High Quality

High-quality graphics:​

Promote your brand and product offerings effectively.


Up-sell marketing graphic​

Drive impulse purchases and boost profits.


Easy to use software

Makes content editing and management a breeze.

Personalised drive-thru experience

Displays visual images from the order point to the COD.


No remote PC required

Learn more about how your drive-thru can benefit from Summit’s Customer Order Display.

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