Drive-thru Speaker Post

Speaker Post

The Summit Drive-thru speaker post is essential for every drive-thru operation.

Located at the customer order point, this post features a speaker and microphone, facilitating clear communication between customers and your staff or seamless order placement. The post is equipped with acoustic foam and the noise-cancelling microphone ensures that your staff can easily understand customer orders and input them accurately. Additionally, the speaker boasts adjustable volume levels, ensuring your staff’s clarity to the customer.


Specifically designed to withstand the exposed environment of the drive-thru, the Summit Drive-Thru Speaker Post is constructed with a powder-coated heavy-gauge aluminium body. It can endure minor impacts from cars and is highly resistant to vandalism. Furthermore, the unit is exceptionally resistant to rust and can withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. 

For added convenience, the post includes a reflective panel on the driver’s side, instructing them to “STOP – Order Here.” This visibility feature is effective day and night. 

The post comes standard in black, red, or dark grey, but custom colours are available to match your corporate livery.

Contact the Summit Innovations team to discover more about the unique features of the Drive-Thru Speaker Box system.

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