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LOC8 Table Location System

An innovative table delivery solution.

The largest restaurant chains are moving to table delivery.

Why? Handing out buzzers or asking customers where they are sitting leads to chaos. And chaos costs money.

Customers appreciate the table service dining experience, and it’s quicker and simpler to deliver to the table if you use a table locator.

A common solution is handing out table numbers. But, in larger restaurants, staff members waste valuable time walking around to find the right customer. This process is inefficient for the restaurant and frustrating for your customers. Food gets cold and coffee spilled.

Hand out LOC8 pucks. Like a GPS they take staff directly to your Customers.


Here’s why LOC8 is the most reliable table locator product on the market:
  • The world’s only location technology guaranteed to work for 4 years without battery change, saving you time and money
  • Patented 1-minute wireless charging means less pucks to buy: no need to have stacks of spares charging
  • Our LOC8 router directly talks to Tablets, so there is no PC to maintain. Our advanced technology dramatically reduces Total Ownership Costs
How LOC8 works

Bluetooth iBeacons are fitted under table tops, which is quick and simple. Customer table number “pucks” are detected and displayed on serving counter tablets:

  1. Hand out pucks like “old” numbers
  2. Customer selects a table
  3. Table displayed on map or list
  4. Staff delivers without searching