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Restaurant Performance Monitor

Gain instant and specific feedback from your customers.

The Restaurant Performance Monitor is a simple yet effective enhancement to any service related business.

With just one touch, customers can provide instant feedback about their experience, providing you with real-time data about each customer’s experience. This can be used for a range of purposes, including tracking cleanliness, service quality, food quality and overall service experience.

This ability to react is a game-changer for the service industry. The ability to access information in real-time with cutting-edge customer engagement tools will ensure you are always on top of your service game.

The system can be located in many different areas around the restaurant or establishment, such as:

  • cash register
  • reception desk
  • entry and exit doors
  • lobby
  • dining area
  • restrooms

Multiple units can be linked to the system, with the option for each location point to list different criteria for data collection.

The devices range in size, depending on their purpose and location. The messages can be changed to reflect what the target or focus is at the time. For example, your service friendliness may be a target one month, then product may be a different focus.

If you are interested in utilising this vital customer feedback tool, contact a member of the Summit Innovations team today.

  • How the Restaurant Performance Monitor works
    The criteria and questionnaires that are built into the system can be managed at a local site level or from a central point like a head office. This is very simple for managers to use and update depending on their desired data focus.

    With the live information being provided, managers and staff of service organisations are able to react to current customer feedback and ensure that issues can be addressed as they arise, rather than at a later stage.

    The Restaurant Performance Monitor can produce reports in different formats depending on the client’s needs. The reports can be found on a back-office computer, your smart phone or tablet. We make it easy to connect with your satisfaction information at the touch of a button, no matter where you are in the world!

    Negative Response Clarification

    Not only does the performance monitor record customer feedback instantly, it leads negative respondents on to subsequent question screens, which can narrow down the specific reason for their dissatisfaction.

    This can provide immediate data regarding a prevailing issue concerning customer satisfaction.

    Customisable Interface

    Design of system screens is customizable to suit specific business and branding requirements, including the type of information returned (such as a rating out of 5 stars or a simple positive or negative response).