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Safeguard your business against theft and fraud with SmartAssurance, a part of the 360IQ range.

This advanced solution elevates loss prevention measures for QSR and C-stores by providing a dedicated program director who offers expert guidance and personalised consultation for effective management.

SmartAssurance serves as the key to fortifying your loss prevention initiatives at QSR and C-stores. When integrated into the 360IQ system, it becomes a powerful tool. We assign a dedicated Program Director to your business, providing expert guidance and tailored consultation to address your specific loss prevention needs effectively.

Benefits of SmartAssurance

  • Customised Best Practice Audits: Tailored audits designed to educate staff on loss prevention awareness.
  • Targeted Store Programs: Reduce shrink by implementing targeted store programs customised to each location.
  • National Mystery Shops: Ensure the quality of customer service across locations with mystery shops offering national coverage.
  • Investigative Consulting Services: Swiftly resolve suspicions of employee theft through investigative consulting services.

SmartAssurance featured offerings

DTIQ business intelligence algorithm analyses millions of data points to deliver 
the information that restaurant operators need to run their business.

Program director

Program director

Let DTIQ serve as the central point of contact to address your loss prevention needs.

Customised loss prevention audits

Customised loss prevention audits

SmartAssurance team conducts tailored audits for compliance, offering insights on policy adherence.

Investigative consulting services​

Handle internal investigations with the utmost sensitivity, collecting incident information ethically and legally, preserving morale.

Exception based reporting analysis

Exception based reporting analysis

Integrate your video, live sales, alerts and reports for a comprehensive business overview within DTIQ 360iQ dashboard.

Contact the Summit Innovations team to discover more about the unique features of the SmartAssurance system.

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