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Elevate your store operations by pinpointing employee theft, operational non-compliance, customer experience opportunities and employee productivity challenges with SmartAudit™.

Our experts use cutting-edge algorithms and remote observations to deliver over 28,000 monthly audits, ensuring unparalleled insights for your business.

SmartAudits™ is, in essence, a mystery shopper (secret shopper) program that utilises your CCTV. It can be performed at any time, using your key metrics.

SmartAudit™ goes beyond traditional audits by providing a customisable ten-question remote audit for each of your locations. With results distributed weekly or monthly, you can tailor the distribution of findings based on rules, ensuring targeted and impactful insights for every team member.


Benefits of SmartAudit™

  • Maximise financial return at each location. Strive for better operational excellence to ensure sustained success.
  • Gain actionable insights into store performance. Make decisions based on data – unlocking new training opportunities, cost savings and more.
  • Experience unbiased and regularly scheduled reviews of business operations. This innovative solution ensures thorough and impartial assessments for continuous improvement.
  • Save time as DTiQ auditors actively participate in and take ownership of the review and audit process. This hands-on approach ensures efficient and thorough assessments for your convenience.
  • Benefit from a scalable and reliable service available 24/7, daily. This ensures consistent support and accessibility for your needs.

Audit Themes

Audits can be completely tailored based on your business needs. Looking for some inspiration? 
Here are common themes typically explored.

Transactional fraud

Transactional fraud

Auditors alert you to cases of transactional fraud, allowing you to catch an stop fraud in its tracks.

Operational compliance

Operational compliance

Ensure your team is maintaining your brand standards. Audits flag issues of compliance around focus areas.

Speed of service

Monitoring the speed of service is crucial as it directly impacts customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and overall success.


Employee productivity

Note when employees are being productive and unlock training opportunities when they are not.


Store open/close performance​

Late opens and early closes can be detrimental – keep an eye on this through customised audits.

Food Safety

Food safety

Keep an eye on food prep areas, ensuring that you can optimise food prep and keep everybody safe.


Safety & security

Keep your staff, guests and operations safe and secure with an eye on operations at all times.

Contact the Summit Innovations team to discover more about the unique features of the AuditIQ™ system.

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