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Coming Soon: Summit ORB-iT™

A real-time restaurant drive-thru ranking system.

Summit ORB-iT™ Object Recognition Bi-Processor – Intelligent Technology

Summit ORB-iT™ object recognition tracking system is backwards compatible with the existing Summit Timing System and can optionally work instead of 
(or in conjunction with) existing driveway loops. This innovative new technology is coming soon to Summit Innovations.

What are the advantages of adding object recognition tracking technology?
  • Timing of cars in uncontrolled lanes, parking/pick up bays & lanes
  • Multi-sensory inputs including option for existing drive thru loops
  • Each Summit ORB™ can track multiple service points within the line of sight
  • Summit ORB™ enclosures are IP65 rated, ensuring detection in extreme weather (snow, sand/dust storm, fog & torrential rain)
  • Backward compatible to existing Summit Timers
  • Improved detection and timing accuracy
  • Remote configuration and management
  • No need for back of house ‘supercomputer’ to crunch data as each Summit ORB™ does its own data analysis and processing
Why would this suit my QSR business?
  • No need to retrain in-store staff
  • Dedicated lanes for online/mobile ordering
  • Add waiting bays to your system without the need to install loops
  • Summit ORB™ detection will pick up all vehicle types
  • Is your lane uncontrolled? Summit ORBs™ identify when a car has pulled in or pulled out of the lane
  • Simple installation
  • Reduction in ownership cost


If you would like to learn more about this new technology (or be notified when it is available to customers), please contact the Summit Innovations team.

Download the ORB-iT Flyer