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We are proud to have a proven track-record of success, helping to improve the drive-thru systems of QSRs around the globe. Here are just some of the words our satisfied partners have to say about using Summit Innovations products and technologies.

It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity in recommending Summit Innovations for your drive thru technology. Summit has provided technology enabling us to operate a successful, competitive drive thru operation at our Subway Restaurants.

Mathew Henderson, Henderson Restaurants (Subway Franchisee)

We have been using the Summit Innovations timer for the last 6 years, as it has given us demonstrable in speed of service and real time actionable insights that allow our restaurant managers to more efficiently manage our stores.

In our opinion, Summit’s technology is the most advanced drive thru timer solution on the market and the basis that we as a group have deployed it extensively throughout our operations and install it as a standard for all new store builds.

Sam Singh, Operations Manager, Southern Restaurants (KFC Franchisee)

When I speak with Belinda Miksa regarding our Drive-thru systems, she always solves our problems. I’m a customer for life!

Joe Aprile, Red Rooster, Hampton Park (Vic)

Since we installed Summit timers, we have noticed an improvement in our speed of service time of 20 seconds, which is a significant improvement based on the times we were previously experiencing. The ability to see the performance of the drive thru function in real time measured against KPI’s for each point of the drive thru experience allows us to immediately react to issues occurring in mid shift. This keeps the drive thru experience running optimally throughout the day.

Josh, Restwend LLC (Franchisee of Wendy’s)

To date we have four drive thru restaurants operating in Honduras and three drive thru restaurants in Guatemala, and the Summit technology is specified for all new drive thru stores we build due to the reliability and accuracy of the technology and clear improvements in speed of service it delivers, coupled with the level of management information.

Carlos Suazo, Vice President, Food Division, INTUR Group (Dunkin’ Donuts Franchisee)

We have standardised on the Summit Innovations drive thru technology as it has produced excellent results and improvements in Speed of Service across all of our brands. In our opinion, Summit’s technology is far superior to any other timer technology on the market and why we as a group now specify it across all brands in our operation.

Manuel Morales, Brand Director, Church’s Chickens Honduras