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A Message From Andre

Dear Team

Thank you all for your dedication in getting us this far through this challenging Covid-19 situation.

Running a national and International business has been made so much more challenging with different States and Countries having different rules, which seem to have been changing on an almost daily basis.

Despite Nick and Andrew having been put at risk (and the rest of us under considerable stress) due to a few staff at McDonald’s Fawkner store in Melbourne and being tested for COVID-19, we are pleased to say that the results so far have all been good. Please continue to be diligent with hand washing, hygiene protocols and social distancing as we move forward to the next stage of restrictions being relaxed.

Future outlooks are bleak with unemployment rising to new heights, so we are not out of economic danger yet – we need our QSR customers to bounce back with their installations and upgrades. Despite this complex situation, we are pleased to advise that we still have everyone on board, and new staff joining us in Colombo (Sri Lanka) who will be reporting to Lindsay. These new additions to our team will give Lindsay some much needed depth to get current development projects completed and new projects up and running.

In further good news, after more than 18 months of writing a massive tender response, presentations, discussions, reworked deployment spreadsheets (Em!!), Statement of Works, pricing and contract negotiations (did I mention reworked deployment spreadsheets and SOW), Hungry Jacks management have chosen Summit as their preferred supplier for Drive-thru timing systems. This is a wonderful result due to outstanding teamwork which included Emerson, Belinda, Lindsay, Ren, Daiman, Alex, Luke, Simon, Rob and everyone who has supported HJ over the last couple of years. Thank you, guys.

We have just been advised by HJ that they may begin deployment in August 2020 (instead of the current October 1 start). HJ’s commitment comes at a critical time and will help support us to move forward as we order the stock required to fulfil their needs.

Additionally, we have been selected and have orders from two new DT brands. One is the famous El Jannah (iconic Lebanese chicken brand in Sydney) who are setting up their first drive-thru in an old Red Rooster site in Smithfield. They have ordered everything from Summit including height bar, order canopy, digital menu boards and timer and headset systems. Great job, Belinda.

The second is Stellarossa Coffee which is a growing café business operated in Queensland. They are venturing into their first dual lane drive-thru store in Beenleigh, with others to follow over the next 12 months. Congratulations to Belinda and Daiman for bringing this great brand to Summit.

In other news, Kim Redstall will be sharing a segment on International Highlights with Summit Social commencing in this issue, so keep reading! I’m sure everyone in international enjoys learning more about Australian operations, as we will enjoy a deeper level of understanding of our US and Honduran staff’s efforts in growing our brand globally.

Finally, we are thrilled to pass on our heartfelt congratulations to Nathaniel and Mel on the arrival of their baby boy Roman John Atkinson. Their lives have forever changed for the better, and we wish them all the very best!

Warm Regards