Dynamic Ranking System

Ranking Screen

The Summit Innovations’ Dynamic Ranking System is a real-time performance tool that revolutionises drive-thru operations.

By comparing QSRs efficiency with their peers across the brand, franchisee, region, or even custom groups, it provides unparalleled insights for improving speed and service.

Summit Innovations was the first to develop this drive-thru ranking system, which continues to be the industry leader, regardless of lane style or length of stack. Given its importance and proven operational impact, Live Dynamic Ranking is now a standard part of the Summit Drive-thru Timing System and requires no additional hardware (requires an annual subscription).

The system is so fast that it displays updates live as each car departs the drive-thru, guaranteeing the data is always current and meaningful.

dynamic ranking

Key Features

  • Real-time competitive ranking after each car
  • Multiple options with ranking functions
  • In-depth performance reporting
  • Remote reporting accessibility
  • Colourful interactive screen
  • Ranking group options (state only, national, area or specific)
  • Ability to set daily targets

Contact the Summit Innovations team to discover more about the unique features of the Drive-thru Timing System.

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