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Dynamic Ranking System

A real-time restaurant drive-thru ranking system.

Summit Dynamic Ranking System: A real-time efficiency competition

The Summit Dynamic Ranking System is a live, real-time performance tool, comparing the operational efficiency of restaurants with their peers – either across an entire brand, franchisee, region or custom group.

Summit Innovations was the first to develop this drive-thru ranking technology, which continues to be the market leader in engagement and equity across restaurants, regardless of lane style or length of stack.

Given its importance and proven operational impact, Live Dynamic Ranking forms a standard part of the Summit Drive-Thru Timing System and requires no additional hardware (annual subscription required).

The system is so fast that it displays updates live as each car departs the drive-thru, ensuring the data is always current and meaningful.

The Summit Dynamic Ranking System is designed to indicate national or global performance and highlight the top performers. This ranking system is dynamic, live and updates after every car, improving drive-thru efficiency.

Key Features

  • Real-time competitive ranking after each car
  • Multiple options with ranking functions
  • In-depth performance reporting
  • Remote reporting accessibility
  • Colourful interactive screen
  • Ranking group options (state only, national, area or specific)
  • Ability to set daily targets

Adaptable to every drive-thru lane

Whilst every drive thru lane is different in length and type, via unique algorithms, Dynamic Ranking includes an “equalisation effect”.

Whilst the total time of a car’s journey through the drive-thru is tracked, the “equalisation effect” is achieved by ignoring the travel time and taking into account the sum of the “dwell times” at each service point in the drive-thru.

This means that regardless of the length or type of the drive-thru lane being measured, the most efficient restaurants are always shown at the top of the ranking screen.

Real-time data for optimal crew engagement

To encourage ongoing engagement, the comparison data is updated live on a rolling 60-minute basis. This ensures that management and crew are always motivated and focused on optimal service efficiency, while also creating a benchmark to which peers may aspire.

The system is live and real-time, updating as each car departs the drive-thru, ensuring the data is always current and meaningful. Depending on user requirements, the Summit Dynamic Ranking System has the ability to rank on different criteria with multiple options and ranking functions available.

Contact the Summit Innovations team to find out more about the unique features of the Dynamic Ranking System.

  • How the Dynamic Ranking System works

    The Summit Dynamic Ranking System is based on Contact Service Speed or CSS. This is calculated by adding a QSR’s contact points together, including:

    • Menu / Order time
    • Cash window time
    • Pick-up window time

    If a car comes through your drive-thru and takes 10 seconds to order at the COD, then takes a further 10 seconds to pay at the cashier window and an additional 10 seconds to collect the order at the pick-up window, your CSS would be a total of 30 seconds.

    The Dynamic Ranking will average the contact points for cars visiting the drive-thru over the last rolling hour and that will be displayed as the current CSS. This result is updated immediately after every car. The average time spent by cars in the drive-thru for that day will also be displayed, along with the percentage of cars which have met the target time at each store.

    Depending on the store requirements, the Summit Ranking System has the ability to rank on different criteria with multiple options and ranking functions.

    The Summit Dynamic Ranking system report provides an in-depth analysis on the performance of the drive-thru system by supplying a full breakdown including entire results, each monitored point on the drive-thru at any moment of the day, 7 days a week.