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Summit Panorama Reporting

An innovative, cloud-based reporting platform which makes drive-thru data management a breeze.

Receive real-time notifications to smartphones and tablet devices.

Summit Innovations’ cloud-based enterprise reporting solution, Summit Panorama, delivers drive-thru reporting (including above restaurant data aggregation) and automated actionable insights not previously possible.

Historically, drive-thru timer reporting has been based on “islands of information” where data could be produced per restaurant, but not aggregated. Summit Panorama uses data warehousing and business intelligence technologies to capture live data from each timer and then present this via:

  • Dashboard reporting
  • Ad-hoc queries
  • Automatically generated and emailed reports
  • ‘Actionable Alerts’ sent as push notifications allowing for immediate intervention when defined KPIs are either met or not met

Summit Panorama

Instead of keeping valuable timer data and configurations in silos on the timer in each store, we send it all to the ‘Summit Cloud’. Here, it is processed and inserted into our data warehouse.

Once the drive-thru data is in the data warehouse, it is accessible by way of data feeds to third-party applications or via the cloud-based Summit Business Intelligence application. The Summit Panorama application provides all the drive-thru data discovery features that you will ever need, whilst providing a fine balance between the ease of use that users require and the needs of data discovery teams.

Complete User Flexibility

There are almost limitless data queries that can be displayed including drill down via hour, daypart, day, week, month, year or a specific date range and comparisons shown as graphs and trend lines (e.g. growth in car count, speed of service time trends).

Data is available in a variety of hierarchies ranging from restaurant level, region or area, state or whole of enterprise. From an analysis perspective, users can select from standard reports and dashboards or can design and create their own.

Based on the comprehensive data and reporting available from within Panorama, a range of other business insights can be gleaned, such as how rostering, the addition of new menu items or kitchen design and equipment changes impact drive-thru times.

Key Benefits

Users also benefit from:

  • Live, dynamically updated user-definable dashboards
  • Store reports automatically generated and distributed daily or weekly, showing a detailed summary of vehicle counts and performance summary versus targets, as well as best and worst times by day or day part
  • Push alerts based on user-definable KPIs (e.g. ‘x’ cars with more than a given time at the window in the last hour, car count exceeds a given number or automated service intervention alerts should a timer stop sending data)
  • The ability for data to be provided by way of data feeds to third-party applications

There are four different access types, so if you are after single store reports, area or group reports, or national reports, we have it all available.

Better still, build and create your own reports through the business intelligence report builder.

Summit Panorama Features

  • Up to 16 standard store reports displayed in the platform through dashboard tabs
  • Receive real-time notifications to smartphones and tablet devices
  • Print, export and share reports
  • Customisable report builder utilising up to 80 metrics per vehicle
  • Manage and customise your dashboards
  • Schedule reports to be emailed automatically
  • Set-up push notifications
  • Use on any device

If you think your QSR could benefit from an aggregated data management system, contact us today for more information.

In-depth drive-thru reports with Summit Panorama