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Drive-Thru Customer Order Displays

A cutting-edge customer order display system at the drive-thru.

The Summit COD is designed in Australia to cope with the harsh conditions that span across the nation. From the heat to freezing temperatures.

The system is controlled by the Summit Drive-Thru Timing system, enabling excellent content control, remote serviceability and even the ability to change language and images from any location in the world.

CODs can significantly enhance order accuracy and build sales through subliminal marketing. The Summit Innovations COD enables brands to update content, change register language and even enable it to suggest add-on items when items have been ordered. If your customer orders a meal, then complementary add-on suggestions will be displayed.

The Summit COD incorporates the following innovative features:

  • Customer friendly visual display showing the customer’s order, price, graphics and up-sell opportunities
  • Bright TFT screen technology to assist with a sharper, clearer, easy to read display in all types of environments
  • Large font size for clearer viewing and reduced ordering problems caused by small hard to read font
  • Multi-lingual
  • High-quality graphics to promote your company’s product and brand
  • Up-sell marketing graphics for increasing sales and profit margins
  • Easy to use software, allowing for content to be easily edited for display at the order point
  • Personalised drive-thru which supplies a visual image from the order point to the COD
  • No PC is remotely located at the COD

Learn more about how your drive-thru can benefit from Summit’s Customer Order Display.

Customer Order Display Manager

The Summit COD Manager enables centralised control of your brand’s CODs from the Summit Cloud. This allows for content updates, changes to register language and even enabling the configuration of suggested add-on items when particular items have been ordered.

The COD Manager allows you to deploy updates to a single, group or all CODs from a convenient web interface, even scheduling them for an update at a later point in time.