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Drive-thru timer

Summit Innovations’ Drive-thru Timing System has pioneered the QSR industry, delivering unparalleled technical leadership, features, functionality and accuracy.

Combining all of our cutting-edge technology, the Summit Innovations’ Drive-Thru Timing System is more than just a timer, it is a comprehensive drive-thru management and reporting system designed to transform your entire operation that includes:

  • Easy-to-understand colour-coded screens for instant clarity.
  • Live real-time data and graphics to track performance at a glance.
  • Audible alerts for immediate notification when targets or KPIs are missed.
  • Cloud-based reporting and advanced analytics for in-depth insights.
  • Automated push alerts, notifications and reports for proactive decision-making.

Real-time performance insights

The Drive-thru Timing System offers real-time drive-thru performance data, revealing the duration cars spend at each point, waiting bay times and the average service speed. These insights equip businesses with valuable tools for enhancing operational efficiency. Users can access this information within the restaurant or remotely through various devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers.

The system also provides an option for QSRs to showcase their performance in a dynamic ranking system. This allows stores under a common brand to engage in friendly competition, striving to improve their rank while simultaneously enhancing the speed of service.

Compatible with single lane, Y merge, wait bays and more

Summit’s timer technology adapts to your unique needs. From single-lane to dual-lane/Y-merge configurations, our system accommodates any drive-thru layout with remarkable accuracy.


Support and troubleshooting when you need it

Summit’s exclusive remote support access capabilities enable our trained support desk technicians to address issues efficiently. They can remotely access the timer and make any adjustments or updates as required. This eliminates the necessity of dispatching a technician every time an issue arises. When there is a need for onsite service, the technician already knows what the issue is and how to resolve it, reducing on-site time and disruption to store operations.

Diverse Detection Technologies

The Summit Innovations Drive-Thru Timing System is designed to be versatile across various sensor technologies. While historically utilising embedded loop-based detection, the system is adaptable to a range of sensors, including microwave and ultrasonic options. A more recent introduction is the Summit Innovations Vision Timer, representing the next generation of drive-thru tracking. This innovative system employs machine learning and AI, utilising CCTV cameras to monitor vehicles from the order point to the wait bays. This advanced technology offers more comprehensive total-time reporting, and the added advantage is its compatibility with existing Summit Innovations’ sites. The captured data seamlessly integrates into the established Panorama reporting system.


Improved speed of service times

Customers report between 20 and 40 second improvements in service time following the installation of a Summit timer.


Make adjustments mid–shift:

Should a service function be failing (order, payment or pickup) the manager is immediately alerted and can make changes mid-shift to correct this.


Crew engagement

The dynamic ranking is a powerful tool for both engaging your team and motivating them to do their best to be at the top of the ranking


Knowledge is power

The live and detailed information delivered by the Summit timer, both in graphical and audible terms, keeps shift managers aware of the drive-thru performance throughout the shift.


Increased revenue

Every second saved is worth 1-2 extra transactions per day and creates happy customers. With most Summit users reporting time savings of between 20 and 40 seconds, you’ll receive a fast ROI based on incremental transactions and revenue.

Accurate times

With the Summit Timers high degree of accuracy and secured data, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that the times reported are the times the restaurant is running at.

Want to know more?

How the Drive-thru Timing System works

Every vehicle that enters the drive-thru is individually displayed and timed at each point or loop in the drive-thru lane, including waiting bays.

This vital information is displayed on the LCD monitor or monitors. Each specific monitor installed may be individually configured to include display times such as ‘current’ and ‘average’ times, as well as the store’s service goals.

Store goals are indicated through colour, percentages and audio tones. They are designed to expedite the decision-making process.

Information on the screen is colour coded. For example, green indicates the performance is within average time, yellow indicates potential Speed of Service (SOS) time issues and red identifies times exceeding your QSR’s service goals. Waiting bay information can be assigned to a separate screen, which can be located anywhere within the store to improve operational speed.

If a vehicle exceeds its specified time, an alert tone is triggered and the image of the car changes colour from green to orange as a warning, and red once it exceeds target times, to alert crew members as it moves along the drive-thru lane. Staff will instantly be made aware of the problem, moving their focus to improve the drive-thru operation and condition.

Through the use of colour, movement and audio, the system appeals to the senses of shift managers and crew, to create an environment for operational excellence. Alongside this advanced Drive-Thru Timing System is the Summit Dynamic ranking system.

This system displays live, as-it-happens results for other drive-thru operations, allowing you to see how other restaurants are performing and creating a healthy environment of competition. This is revolutionising drive-thru operations and culture. Restaurant teams compete to be on the top of the dynamic ranking screen, driving operational improvement and service speed.

The Drive-Thru Timing System offers an innovative combination of world class features, including:
  • The timer data and ranking are all presented live and in real time
  • All drive-thru types catered for – single, tandem and dual-lane – with unparalleled accuracy (especially in
  • Y-merge deployments) and tamper proof security to avoid staff “gaming” the system
  • Push alerts provide actionable insights to key stakeholders of missed KPIs or other important information
  • Extensive cloud reporting and data analytics via Summit Panorama (requires standard Summit restaurant level subscription)
  • Ability to run various competitions such as day part winners or most improved restaurant over ‘X’ weeks
  • Drive-thru is shown to scale, providing an exact replica and greater visualisation of drive-thru status assisting with shift management
  • Audible alerts engage crew and shift managers and provide real time feedback when KPIs are not achieved
  • Timer and ranking are standard – there is no additional hardware or software required
  • Proprietary loop adjustment and analysis tools give Summit service teams the ability to quickly analyse and in many cases resolve issues remotely. This leads to a reduced total cost of ownership and limit downtime if there is an issue with a faulty loop

Contact the Summit Innovations team to discover more about the unique features of the Drive-thru Timing System.

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