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International Insights

Summit Customer World Tour
Summit Innovations is proud to have a strong global presence

This is the first in a series of articles looking at our international business and customers. In this article we will take trip round the world to find out just where in the world Summit has customers and resellers.

So, let’s put on our seat belts and sanitizer and circle the globe.

Heading North West from Australia in SE Asia we have customers and resellers in Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Our Philippines reseller Appetite Labs services KFC with timers and headsets, McD and Starbucks with headsets, and our largest customer Jollibee (where we are rolling out to around 350 locations) timers (and due to their business model, a few headsets). Strange fact – Jollibee has order takers in a stand-alone order taking box in the lane who speak with the customer and then radio the order to the kitchen! Of their 350 locations, only 17 presently have speaker posts and headset systems so there’s a large opportunity here. There are also other brands which we hope to secure moving forward including Jollibee owned Chow King and BK. Like other parts of Asia, health and safety are not a strong point in the Philippines where contractors have been spotted cutting loops wearing fluffy slippers!!

Continuing our circle around Asia we are in the early stages of a roll out with KFC in Indonesia – retrofitting into 130 restaurants. This roll out like with the Jollibee one in the Philippines became a short-term casualty of Coronavirus and has been temporarily put on hold due to restrictions on movement.

Our second to last stop in Asia takes us to Malaysia where we are installed in 125 KFC’s and soon to extend to new locations in Brunei. Timers and headsets are installed here by one reseller, and our new reseller is specifically focussed on Starbucks where we have just started the upgrade to 80 sites replacing HME equipment.

Before we head to the Middle East we have a short stop in Cambodia (which Rob Oakley has many fond memories and if he was a cat likely used up 3 of his lives) where we have a single Carls Jnr restaurant using a timer and COD. Sidebar – anyone wanting to hear Robs adventures in Cambodia hit him up some time – it’s a mix of scary, comical and reality all rolled into one.

Heading further North West, we make a brief stop at 1 of our 2 most bizarre locations – Palestine where we are installed in 2 KFC drive thrus – the story goes that the locals were sick of running the borders to Israel and Egypt and eventually KFC relented and allowed them to open 5 inline restaurants and 2 drive thrus. Whilst thanks to Simon’s ability – and patience to train the installers remotely – we have not visited these sites abundant caution was taken when they were excavating to put in the loops!!

Leaving Palestine and heading south we have 4 timers installed in Dubai with the KFC franchisee for the Gulf (17 countries) – this was part of a trial to potentially replace 140 HME timers, and again has been parked due to Dubai closing its borders – but next steps will be a “go live” with training and turning on the timer screens, and an expectation of a significant improvement in service times, crew engagement and visibility of data through Panorama.

A brief pass over Saudi Arabia where we have a couple of timers installed, and we set course for Africa – and where we will pick up the next episode of the Summit world tour.