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Share Your Pet Pics

With all the negative impacts of the current health and economic crisis, it is important to focus on the good we still have in our lives – like our PETS!


Duke is Daiman’s seven-year-old English staffy, who according to his human is literally the biggest baby in the world.

Pippy, Dolly and Summer

Sally and Emerson have been helping out at her parent’s property in Esk, Queensland. The region was affected by bush fires earlier this year and is thankfully looking pretty good now.

Apart from their family dog, Em said that have sighted koalas when exploring the property; plus the kids got to play with these gorgeous miniature ponies.

Pippy is 2 years old, Dolly is 2.5 years old and Summer is a 5month old foal.

We’re sure some cat owners can relate to these …