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A Message From André

To all Staff,

Thanks for your resilience and dedication at this extraordinary time.

Unfortunately the word “unprecedented” has become the norm, and naturally most of us don’t like this kind of change.  Our Summit family is proving to be adaptable, resourceful and strong…and I hope that in part that is because you know that we genuinely care about each of you and your families.  We want all of you to be fit, well and happy and are determined to get through this together and move forward to a secure future.

As you’re all aware, due to the Covid-19 second wave Melbourne is now on level 4 lock-down with an 8pm to 5am enforced curfew instituted. The rest of the state is on level 3 restrictions. It means that many businesses have shut down for a minimum of 6 weeks. We feel for our Victorian staff who are going through a lock-down once again. It cannot be easy.

Our QSR customers, forming part of the food supply chain, are still operating their drive thrus so Summit continues to operate as “normal”, with some modifications. We have been fortunate that, to-date, we have not had anyone infected with Covid-19 (quite a few of you have been tested but all returned negative results) so please continue to follow the very strict guidelines published by Simon O’Brien regarding the Summit Covid-19 prevention around hygiene and social distancing. We’re attaching an excerpt of Simon’s email in this newsletter.

An EDM has been sent to our Australian customers explaining that we are here to support them and that we are still operating nationally, and in Victoria specifically.

The long-awaited Hungry Jacks timer roll-out (Burger King for our International staff) is in its second week and appears to be going well. El Jannah (an iconic Lebanese chicken brand in Sydney) had its grand opening last weekend and it was very successful. In the meantime, Frango’s Charcoal Chicken also opened its first drive thru the previous week in Sydney.  Another 2 new brands to add to our customers list.

Everyone, please stay safe and let’s keep our business going and growing, in spite of these difficult times.

Warm Regards