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Sharing Is Caring

Road Tripping with Style

Road trips will increase in popularity …imagine seeing this camping combo (this photo taken in U.S.A).

Out and about for Spring

This diamond python was spotted slithering across the yard last week in Queensland.

Getting Around

Whilst most of us are grounded, Daiman has been busy travelling from Brisbane Qld to tropical Darwin N.T. to complete the Hungry Jacks upgrades/ installs across the 4 stores in Darwin and  is then travelling to install 1 store in Alice Springs.

Melbourne Cup

The race that (used to) stop the nation … was a bit of a non-event this year.  The race ran with no spectators and there weren’t a lot of fancy hats out and about – but that didn’t stop the Nation (and some of the Summit Team) from partaking in a little sweeps fun.


Action always beat intention

If you have challenges at home or work, please don’t bottle things up. Have a think about the issues, identify the key factors and discuss them with a trusted family confidante or counsellor; or your manager if it’s work related.

Our company mandate is for us to jointly create a transparent, friendly and approachable environment where we are kind, respectful and focus on creating positive outcomes.

Lonely Planet

We saw this hilarious meme and thought it was a clever way of demonstrating how the times have changed.  And while we don’t yet know when overseas travel will open up again, at least we have a big beautiful country of our own to explore in the meantime!