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New innovations to power the drive-thru renaissance

New innovations to power the drive-thru renaissance

The drive-thru has been undergoing a transformation over the past decade, sparking a ‘renaissance’ for this QSR staple.

The rise of multi-lane drive-thrus, dedicated pre-order lanes and even entire restaurants offering drive-thru only services is an indication of how leading QSR brands are investing in the drive-thru and its ongoing growth as a primary profit stream.

But big expectations need the correct foundations to materialise. As most QSRs could well appreciate, the drive-thru is a world like no other, relying on vigilant monitoring, unparalleled accuracy and impeccable technology to ensure its ongoing success.

With customers prioritising speed of service and convenience, we can expect to see not only more dedicated drive-thru restaurants, but the expansion of existing QSRs to include features designed to accelerate service, such as additional lanes and digital menu boards guided by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

These developments will require back-of-house support to maintain the standard of service and delivery expected in today’s super competitive QSR market. In anticipation of this evolution, Summit Innovations’ team of designers and engineers have developed a variety of ways to assure a smooth ride for QSRs who embrace these new opportunities.

Here are some of the most exciting trends and technologies that QSRs should be embracing in 2020 and beyond:

Summit ORB-iT™

The next generation of vehicle detection, this system operates via easy-to-install wall and pole mounted units, rather than embedded driveway loops.

The units can withstand the most extreme weather conditions (from blizzards to hurricanes), are more than 99 percent accurate and interface directly with other Summit Innovations technology. Best of all, they can detect movement across multiple lanes, offering scope for growth.

Coming to the market in mid-2020, the Summit ORB-iT™ will provide QSRs with a range of new possibilities when it comes to drive-thru detection and technology, allowing for tightened operations and reduced error. Ask us about a demo today.

G5 Headset System

Communication is crucial to a successfully functioning drive-thru. The G5 headset system offers the ultimate echo and noise reduction capabilities, as well as rock solid reliability thanks to revolutionised battery life and charging docks.

QSRs are continuing to place great importance on headset systems to ensure absolute accuracy and shave off valuable seconds from each transaction. With features including a built-in greeter with pre-recorded messages and custom alerts to keep team members on task, the G5 headset system is a sure bet.

Summit Panorama

When it comes to effective drive-thru management, data is key. Owners and managers are relying on the the availability of accurate, real time data to guide important decisions at the drive-thru and quickly solve issues like bottlenecks.

Summit Panorama’s advanced reporting program delivers incredibly detailed reports to your nominated device allowing operators to view the live performance of their drive-thru lanes; tracking vehicle counts and average service times. Users can also set up and track KPIs, with live push notifications sent straight to them whenever a KPI or goal is not met.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are giving QSRs the power to take their point of sale marketing to the next level, with the ability to upsell and target individual customers. Gone are the days of restaurants having to print out and manually swap menu screens between promotions and day parts – digital menu boards save valuable time and resources and are quickly becoming a necessity in QSRs around the world.

With digital menu boards, restaurants can display content that draws attention to the customer, whether through displaying the location on board, adding GIFs or animations. If you’re considering upgrading to digital menu boards in 2020, contact Summit Innovations to discuss your options.

The current drive-thru renaissance owes much to technology providing answers to problems that kept the service idling for decades. Proudly Australian owned and operated, Summit Innovations’ services the biggest QSRs across 20 countries and would be delighted to help maximise the profitability and performance of your drive-thru.

Please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call today!