Smart Analysis

Uncover internal issues such as fraud, theft or other concerns fast and efficiently with SmartAnalysis, an integral part of the360IQ range.

Equipped with intelligent tools customised for your business, SmartAnalysis examines specific incidents that have large-scale problems, significantly cutting down the time invested in investigations.

SmartAnalysis provides an in-depth exploration of individual incidents that contribute to widespread issues, allowing you to redirect the time spent investigating incidents to other aspects of your business—ultimately preserving more funds for your bottom line.

SmartAnalysis includes:

  • 360iQ data video review and analysis: Thorough video review and analysis of 360iQ data aimed at assisting clients in attaining their business objectives.
  • Transactional fraud research: Conducting research to pinpoint transactional fraud using the SmartAudit™ service.
  • Remote video incident investigation: Fulfilling remote video incident investigations based on client request.
  • Transaction analysis and video verification service: Conducting analysis and video verification for flagged transactions.
  • SmartAudit™operational violations review and trend analysis: A comprehensive examination and trend analysis of SmartAudit™ operational violations across our clients’ locations.
  • High-risk transaction patterns review and trend analysis: Assessing high-risk transaction patterns through a thorough review and trend analysis.
  • Account support analyst for profitability goals: The Account Support Analyst serves as your resource, assisting in achieving profitability goals.
  • Operational statistics analysis: Analysing pertinent operational statistics to identify top and bottom performers based on specified client KPIs, including speed of service, fraud YTD, FCR, ICR, audit scores average and highest question missed.

Benefits of SmartAnalysis​

Audits can be completely tailored based on your business needs.
 Looking for some inspiration? Here are common themes typically explored.

Program director

Program director

Let DTIQ serve as the central point of contact to address your loss prevention needs.
Customised loss prevention audits

Customised loss prevention audits

SmartAssurance team conducts tailored audits for compliance, offering insights on policy adherence.

Investigative consulting services

Handle internal investigations with the utmost sensitivity, collecting incident information ethically and legally, preserving morale.
High Quality Video

Exception based reporting analysis

Integrate your video, live sales, alerts and reports for a comprehensive business overview within DTIQ 360iQ dashboard.

Contact the Summit Innovations team to discover more about the unique features of the Smart Analysis system.​

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