Summit Panorama Reporting​

Panorama Reporting

Optimise your drive-thru operations and gain valuable insights with Summit Panorama, our cloud-based enterprise reporting solution. Receive real-time data and actionable insights directly to your smartphone or tablet, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive results.

Summit Panorama offers complete user flexibility.
Explore your data in countless ways, including:


Drill-down by time

Monitor drive-thru performance in real-time and make data-driven decisions. Analyse performance by hour, daypart, day, week, month, year, or specific date range.


Trend analysis

Identify patterns and trends in key metrics, such as car count and service time.

Data views

Hierarchical data views

Choose from a variety of data hierarchies, from individual restaurants to regions and the entire enterprise.

Automated reports

Automated reports

Receive daily or weekly drive-thru reports summarising key metrics and performance against targets.

Customisable reports and dashboards

Customisable reports and dashboards

Create drive-thru reports that meet your specific needs and preferences.
Push alerts

Push alerts

Get notified on user-definable KPIs.

Data integration

Data integration

Integrate your drive-thru data with other third-party applications.

Flexible access

Flexible access

Choose from four access levels to get the information you need.

User friendly app

User friendly app

The data is accessible across all your web-enabled devices, and for added convenience, a user-friendly phone app allows you to view your data seamlessly while on the go.

Summit Panorama Features​

  • Up to 16 standard store drive-thru reports displayed in the platform through dashboard tabs
  • Real-time notifications to smartphones and tablet devices
  • Print, export and share reports
  • Customisable drive-thru report builder utilising up to 80 metrics per vehicle
  • Manage and customise your dashboards
  • Schedule reports to be emailed automatically
  • Set-up push notifications
  • Use on any device

If you think your QSR could benefit from a drive-thru reporting system, contact us today for more information.

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