We’re living in an age that’s driven by technology. Quick Service Restaurants

We’re living in an age that’s driven by technology. Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) are embracing diverse digital tools to make their operations smarter, faster and more data-driven. Ranging from point-of-sale systems and digital menu boards to WiFi-connected kitchen appliances, these smart technologies often rely on embedded computers, many of which run on operating systems like Microsoft or iOS.

You may not have given much thought to the operating systems that power the technology in your QSR, but if these systems become outdated or unsupported, they could quickly create a cybersecurity risk for your business. In a sector like QSR, where speed and data are pivotal, leaving your business vulnerable to a cybersecurity attack could compromise customer information, operational data and financial records, severely impacting your brand’s reputation and customer trust.

It’s important to consider that cybersecurity extends beyond conventional computer systems – it encompasses every digital device within your business ecosystem. Whether it’s the tablet used for inventory management or a customer-facing kiosk, each contains software that requires regular updates to safeguard against emerging cyber threats.

The first step you can take towards ensuring robust cybersecurity health is recognising the potential vulnerabilities within ordinary gadgets. It’s a good idea to do an inventory of all devices that run through computers in your QSR. Then, take a closer look at the operating systems on which they run – are they up to date and supported? What is the manufacturer’s recommended update cycle for the systems and are you keeping clear logs?

Incorporating cybersecurity measures into your business practice is crucial to healthy business operations. By understanding the integral role of updated operating systems and establishing a culture of regular digital maintenance and awareness, you can take a significant stride in shielding your business from cyber threats. In a world where even the smallest gadget can be a window for hackers, staying ahead means being aware and prepared.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your tech’s providers for support on ensuring your operating systems are running securely. Tech specialists like our team at Summit Innovations can offer invaluable insights into potential system vulnerabilities and provide solutions tailored to the unique operational aspects of QSRs.

Our experienced team can assist you to undertake an audit of your technology, to ensure you are using up-to-date operating systems and have the adequate protection against cybersecurity threats.

Contact our team to discuss your needs.

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